Ocean Safari & Seal Snorkeling

We would love for you to join us for a tour of Cape Point from a different angle! Don't forget your camera as you will definitely want to get that special shot as we make a pass through Smitwinkel Bay and Buffels Bay past the Dias crosses and close to the cliffs below the historic lighthouse that leads up to the Point.


We visit the Roman Rock Lighthouse - the only lighthouse on our coast that have been erected on a single rock!

We often see penguins, whales and whole ranges of seabirds on trips down to the tip of the Peninsula At Partridge Point you will have the opportunity to jump into the Atlantic and snorkel with the Cape Fur Seals and see the extraordinarily curious and playful seals that will entertain you to no end.


Activity Details

Overall experience will take about 4 hours
Daily departures, weather dependent
Self-drive, transfers can be arranged at an additional cost
Cape Point
All equipment provided
No experience required, must be able to swim
R1600 per person
Additional Information:


Dive/Snorkel Equipment

Marine Protected Area Permit for diving in protected waters

Marine Guide

Boat Ride

Educational Briefing

Transfer between dive centre and jetty

Light lunch and refreshments



Notes and Requirements:

Minimum age is 10 years

Must be able to swim