Kayaking with Penguins

Kayaking With Penguins is an exiting and unique way to explore and experience not only the Boulders Beach Penguin colony, but also Simon’s Town and it’s Naval Harbour where we pass South Africa’s biggest Naval vessels.


Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town is home to a land-based colony of endangered African Penguins. The beautiful False Bay coastline welcomes you to explore its warm inviting waters and to embark on a sea kayaking adventure of a lifetime. Hop into one of our sturdy, stable kayaks and take a guided trip to the iconic landmark of Boulders Beach.

In 1985, when the first pair of relocated African (Jackass) penguins began to lay eggs, the suburban seaside village of Simon’s Town had no idea that Boulders Beach would become home to a colony of over 2350 penguins!

The best way for nature lovers to see this amazing colony is from the water, while basking in the Cape Town sun and witnessing the breathtaking land and sea views of False Bay. At Boulders Beach you will have the unique opportunity to swim with the penguins at a semi-private beach. Be careful though, these cute, waddling birds have nasty bites!

Grab your chance to see a whale during the August to October Whale Season and spend time with these incredible and endangered sea mammals in their natural environment.

If you are an avid adventure seeker or nature lover and have felt the exhilaration of the many exciting adventure activities that Cape Town has to offer, you must know that your “adventure resume” is simply not complete without a kayaking trip on the warm waters of False Bay to the Boulders Beach African Penguin colony.


Activity Details

Overall experience will take about 2 hours
Daily departures
Self-drive, transfers can be arranged at an additional cost
Cape Town
All kayaking equipment provided
No experience required, must be able to swim
Kayaking at R380 per person
Additional Information:


Safety briefing

Kayak and paddle

Life jacket



Transfers, can be arranged upon request

Notes and Requirements:

Minimum age is 10 years, younger kids allowed with strong parent and guides discretion

Maximum weight 120kg


Kayaking With Penguins
Kayaking With Penguins
Kayaking With Penguins
Kayaking With Penguins