Ziplining is fast becoming one of the most popular adventure tourism activities in the beautiful Western Cape. Cape Adventure Zone offers you the experience of exploring the beautiful mountain range of the vast Hottentots Holland Mountain Range Zipline Tours can consist of one or many cables that are suspended between trees or man-made structures. Participants (often referred to as “zippers”) are suspended from a pulley that moves across the cable, propelled by gravity. The cables are mounted descending from a higher to lower point. The amount of incline as well as the weight of the zipper determines the speed at which the participant travels from point to point. Ziplining allows you to enjoy the natural surroundings such as forests, mountain cliffs and waterfalls while at the same time offering you an adrenaline filled adventure. Ziplining is equally thrilling and exciting, and will guarantee you a day to remember!

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R895 p/p