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West Coast Tours

Still a fairly undiscovered treasure, the West Coast offers a treasure trove of attractions and adventures including endless white beaches, breathtaking mountain ranges and a rich biodiversity.

The Cape West Coast stretches all the way from Cape Town to the Touws River which defines the Northern Cape border. There are many quaint and historic towns and fishing villages dotted along this coastline with friendly, salt of the earth, residents. Seafood is in abundance in this area and the main source of income for the locals. West Cape rock lobster – or crayfish (kreef) as it’s locally known – snoek, black mussles and bokkoms (dried and salted Mullet) are readily available fresh from the sea.

A bit further inland, the majestic Cederberg Mountain range also forms part of this region. Famous for their beautiful rock formations and centuries-old San rock paintings, these mountains are a hiker and rock climbers paradise.

Together with the sea and the mountains, the West Coast is an ideal destination for the adventure traveller. From hiking to rock climbing  or simply admiring the raw beauty of the surrounds, the West Coast is a destination not to be missed.

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